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Relax Kids Darlington & Aycliffe

I can help your child understand their BIG emotions and learn techniques to help deal them.

Do you have a stressed-out or anxious child? 😱

Maybe they’re having trouble managing their anger? 😡

Have they got stuck in a pattern of negative thinking? 😕

Well, I know how hard it can be to manage these things on your own.

👉You know they’re having a hard time but seem unable to make it easier for them and you feel guilty, because you feel like you’ve let them down.

👉You tell them to calm down, but no one really understands what they need to do to feel calm.

👉Do you just want your family to be able to spend quality time together again?

You can find details of what’s on offer for children along with a full price list here and how to book here

About Me

My name is Sam and I am mum to two lovely children. I have been a Relax Kids Coach since April 2016, a holistic therapist since April 2017 and formally received my meditation instructor diploma in June 2017.

Currently I am undertaking two distance courses via British School of Yoga: Mindfulness, meditation and movement and Life Coaching. Both of these will add to the work I already do with children and allow me to expand the work I do with adults further.

I am fully licenced, insured and have a current DBS certificate. I am also a qualified secondary teacher though I haven’t taught for a few years.


About Relax Kids

Relax Kids’award-winning 7-step technique improves emotional well-being and self-confidence and helps children feel calm and focused.
Each stage of the Relax Kids’ seven-step programme is based on clinically-proven approaches to anxiety management
Relax Kids’ strategies mimic clinically-proven anger management and mitigation treatments such as therapeutic exercise and yoga, breathing exercises, and mindfulness exercises. These can be used as anger management tools, ways to help at moments of meltdown, or methods to make time-outs constructive rather than punitive.

Private 1:1 sessions

These are the perfect way to help your child as they can be tailored to meet their specific needs without distractions. I come to your home so your child is learning techniques in an environment they’re already used to. This helps immediately as the child is feeling safe and calm when we start and so are more receptive to the techniques.

Community class

I also have a weekly community class at the Pioneering Care Centre in Aycliffe, from 5-6pm on a Wednesday where I teach children skills for life, promote healthy habits and life-long well-being.

There’s lots more information about Relax Kids in general here

Important information:

All Relax Kids community sessions can be booked via my scheduling page , and my Facebook page has the most up to date information with regards to classes and workshops. For private 1:1 sessions please contact me.

Full registration form for Relax Kids is here

Short registration for taster sessions here

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